I love my kayak launcher…It was very easy to put together and connect to dock…It works easily for us to enter and exit our kayaks. I have sent info to another friend who also has problems with their kayaks.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your creative ingenuity that solved our problem.It was exactly our theory of what was needed!

The Best Floating Kayak , Canoe & SUP Launch Dock

Get Kayaktive strives to make paddling easier by inventing products, like the YAK-A-LAUNCHER™, a portable floating kayak dock, to assist paddlers in their adventures. The Roll-Aid assists paddlers by supporting the kayak or canoe on its’ Nitrile-padded-roller preventing scratches and damage while it’s being rolled in and out of the water. The YAK-A-LAUNCHER™ stabilizes the kayak in the water while the paddler enters and exits with safety and ease.

Get Kayaktive’s mission is to help remove several of the biggest obstacles for avid paddlers. Whether you’re looking for help getting in and out of your kayak safely, or want to single-handedly launch your boat from your dock, we’ve got a solution for you.

Take a look at our products, and call us at 252-229-7040 if you have any questions. It’s time to Get Kayaktive!



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If a sandy-beach is in your backyard, then you may not need a YAK-A LAUNCHER™, but for the rest of us, we need something to make the risky task of entering and exiting the boat safe and simple.

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The dock Roll-Aid is a new and clever product that’ll make (singlehandedly) getting your canoe or kayak from the dock to the water (and back again) a snap!

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