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The foam-padded roller ensures protection for the boat’s hull while remaining out of the way on your dock or bulkhead. It can also serve as a tie-off for your boat if needed. It is easy to install; four screws hold it in place, and it’s well made and durable.

Of course we think the Roll-Aid is amazing, but don’t take it from us, read what our users have to say.

The dock Roll-Aid is a new and clever product that makes getting your canoe or kayak from the dock to the water (and back again) singlehandedly a snap! The Nitrile-padded roller ensures protection for the boat’s hull while remaining out of the way on your dock or bulkhead.

If needed, it’ll also serve as a tie-off for your boat. Check out the video (below) and see how easy and convenient the Roll-Aid is. Easy installation; four screws hold it in place. It’s well made and durable. “Why didn’t I think of this” …….. we hear this a lot!
  • Outside dimensions (needed to install) - 43".
  • Inside (roller) length - 36 1/2".
  • Core roller - bar is sch. 40 brushed anodized aluminum.
  • Outer roller sch. 40 PVC covered with Nitrile padding.
  • Cleats are HD nylon, as are washers.
  • Mounting clips / straps are powder coated steel.
  • Custom sizes are available ..... contact us for what you need!

It’s a pleasure being your customer.

It’s a pleasure being your customer . I really appreciate your response to my issue and your high level of customer service. It truly sets you apart from the vast majority of manufacturers and retailers. I frequently am asked about your Roll-Aid roller and have always recommended it to those inquiring neighbors. I have even more confidence in doing so now.

Gary S.

Using Roll-Aid for 12 foot Stand-Up Paddle Boards

Received my Roll-Aid today. Three comments (all good!):
1. Thank you for the quick turnaround!
2. Thanks for packing your product correctly!! SO tired of receiving things from Amazon smashed, crushed, broken, etc.
3. Recommendation – perhaps you want to advertise this product for Stand-up Paddle Boards as well as Kayaks…. we’re using it for our 12 foot stand-up boards. Perhaps you’ll increase your hits when folks are searching online.

Neil M.

Lea D.

I love the YAK-A-LAUNCHER™. My neighbors have all tried it and think it is great. Today my neighbor installed the Roll-Aid for me. He had to use his special drill since we were installing the cleats into concrete. We are in quite a drought and so I am rethinking my installation plans to accommodate the lower water levels. Long story short, I would like to purchase a 2nd Roll-Aid, if available.

Thanks for the exceptional service, packing and instructions. I appreciated the effort and care taken with your shipping prep.


Al, I just wanted you to know I received my Roll-aid yesterday and will install it tomorrow. I have to say it is an ingenious device and very well thought out. Also, your attention to packing and shipping is terrific. It has been a pleasure working with you! Stay well, be safe.

Jim T.

I want to thank you for your prompt and courteous service during our purchases, assemblies and installation of our YAK-A-LAUNCHER™ and Roll Aid. This equipment has made it easy for the initiated and our uninitiated guests to enter, exit and to store our kayaks. The system is well designed, highly functional and durable.
Thank you so much!
Jim T, Wisconsin