I do want to say how much I LOVE the launcher!! I have used it several times already this week and I have used it 100% by myself with no issues at all!!! We actually took Drew out kayaking….which, since he doesn’t have good use of his right arm/hand means that Wade put him in the front of our 2 person kayak and paddled him around. Drew was able to step down onto the floating dock, over onto the launcher and climb into the kayak with no assistance! And no tripping! Your invention is the best!! Our neighbors came over to observe it in use and were also very impressed. Thank you so very much for the independence that you have given me!
Happy launching indeed! I cannot tell you how much I enjoy kayaking and how much the anxiety of the launch process just put a damper on my enthusiasm and caused me to almost dread going!! Now I have nothing but positive anticipation of getting to use my new launcher!!! Thanks also for the paddling tips! I have noticed a big difference in cutting the strokes down to stay at “hip level”….and I have been playing with the turns too! I have told all of my friends about the launcher and they are all looking forward to checking it out.

Thanks again, my new best friend!!!
Kelly M, Raleigh, NC

Kelly M.