Hi Al,

The Launcher arrived today. The quality and care in packaging exceeded my expectations.
Putting it together was easy even for someone as mechanically challenged as me, though I think there may have been a small change in design since you put those instructions together? The fittings on the entry roller bar seem a little different from your description.

I’ve now tried it and first time and entry, docking and exit were easy and so much better than my current system. I think you may have extended my kayaking into advanced old age.

Only one minor issue. When I stand on the pontoon to wrap the bow line around the handrail in preparation for getting in the kayak, my weight is enough to depress the rollers and the kayak floats free. We had a combination of breeze and tide that promptly wanted to wash the kayak out of the launcher. But it really is a minor issue now that I’m aware of it.

Now waiting for my wife to come home and give it a try. Since she’s more agile than me, even with bad knees, I’m sure she will have no problem.

Thanks for a really great piece of equipment. I imagine some potential customers might be concerned about the price but the alternative systems I was considering were all several times more expensive and I genuinely doubt they would be any better.