Dear Al,
Have been waiting to reply until I had some photos of me and my new launcher and a son to show me how to attach them in a message to you.
You have built the most marvelous aid to launching for all the family who have tried it out and all love the ease of it, me especially now at 82 feeling less and less agile. I cannot thank you enough for your creativity and your service to me. The quality is superb and you have thought of everything to make it easy to use. As you can see it works equally well for my new light weight carbon fusion canoe as well as kayaks. It has made a huge difference to my boating pleasures. With your Yak a Launcher I can now use my boats as easily as I could 40 years ago. I had almost become land bound.
Of course you are welcome to quote me, even use my name if you wish. I am enormously grateful.
Warmest regards,