Testimonial Category: YAK-A-LAUNCHER

Clear and well illustrated instructions. Excellent product.

I purchased a device last fall so I could get it into the water early in the season. This happened today! The person who did the assembling said that he had never seen such clear and well illustrated instructions even down to labelling the pieces of rope. I made my first entry and it went…
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We Love It!!!

The yak-a-launcher is in the water and we’ve used it several times. We love it!!!! It’s made very well and it’s exactly what we needed to use our pond. Thank you so much!!

I am proud to own

I am proud to own one! So much in fact I want two more!

We 100% recommend the launcher.

My wife and I are avid kayakers, but the shoreline of our lake access is very muddy and rocky — not at all suitable for landing a kayak. When we first started kayaking we’d get into and out of the boats using a swim ladder, but that is difficult, particularly for my wife who has…
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The Kayak Launcher was so well designed, manufactured and easy to assemble, and more important, use.

Thank you. Mr. Privette, just a note of thanks for helping last weekend with my son picking up our launcher, but changing the arrangements. The Kayak Launcher was so well designed, manufactured and easy to assemble, and more important, use. I tried it out, thinking I would put on a real show for those looking…
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Yak-A-Launcher kayak launch dock in water by dock

Very happy with it. Thanks for making such a good product.

Al, we just this weekend got everything squared away. The launcher works very well, I must say. We can’t go in and out of the bay with much momentum, but the kayaks travel smoothly on the rollers, enough for us to push ourselves in and out. One thing I learned about using this type of…
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Absolutely love my Yak-A-Launcher

I absolutely love my Yak-A-Launcher. Absolutely would be unable to kayak without it. The launcher is tied up along side a finger pier. I can just step on and off the kayak with ease. I am 72 years old. Thanks again.

Thank you for a great product

We put my Yak-A-Launcher together today and tied it to our dock. I love it! It is so much easier to get in and out of the kayak! Thank you for a great product.

We have enjoyed the YAK-A-LAUNCHER

We have enjoyed the YAK-A-LAUNCHER for several years now. We live on a river with a rocky shoreline and water levels fluctuating daily. The YAK-A-LAUNCHER offers us a safe and easy way to enter and exit our kayaks. I highly recommend this product to anyone considering it. Makes kayaking a pleasant experience from start to…
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David Tweedie

I purchased a YAK-A-LAUNCHER™ from you 10 years ago and have enjoyed it! Thanks for making kayaking enjoyable and safe for all ages young AND old!! With two replaced hips the launcher allowed me to kayak for many years after I thought I couldn’t. THANKS