Testimonial Category: YAK-A-LAUNCHER

Charlie Findley

I must apologize for my delinquent response.  I received your amazingly well protected, crated/parts of the YAK-A-LAUNCHER™, etc., early last week.  You’ve obviously had extensive experience with protectively wrapping/packing, given what we experienced with unpacking the carefully constructed and wrapped parts. Weather and schedules didn’t permit me to assemble them immediately, but my grandson and…
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Patricia Zeller

Judi and I want to thank you for your brilliant and flawless design, development, and production of the YAK-A-LAUNCHER™!!!! We are now able to get out on the pond safely. We enjoy kayaking so much and it is now possible!!!! In addition, your pleasant and supportive customer service is appreciated! Thank you so much!!!

John and Alexandra

We bought one of your YAK-A-LAUNCHER™ MANY years ago and have enjoyed it tremendously. We’ve have had the YAK-A-LAUNCHER™ from the very first inception of the concept and still use it now. We have a very high floating dock so the launcher really helped us enjoy the whole process of kayaking much more and much…
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I received the YAK-A-LAUNCHER™ and I love it. It is just what I wanted. Thank you so much.

Dean Vines

Al just wanted to let you know I finally recovered enough from hand surgery to use the YAK-A-LAUNCHER™. It was easy to assemble in about 15 minutes. Treated the rollers with the solution you recommended. It was easy to put overboard and retrieve to my floating dock. Easy to enter and exit. It made a…
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Caroline L.

Worth. Every. Penny! Matt and I just tried the YAK-A-LAUNCHER™ and it is a glorious invention! Neither of us ended up under the boat or in the drink! Matt just spontaneously proclaimed, “That kayak launcher is great! Love it! Great invention!” (He didn’t even know I was writing to you.) Assembly was terrific. We followed…
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Lea D.

I love the YAK-A-LAUNCHER™. My neighbors have all tried it and think it is great. Today my neighbor installed the Roll-Aid for me. He had to use his special drill since we were installing the cleats into concrete. We are in quite a drought and so I am rethinking my installation plans to accommodate the…
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I just want to tell you I kayak at least once a day. Sometimes 2 times. The YAK-A-LAUNCHER™ is the most favorite thing I have!!!


The older I get, the less my body wants to do things like get in and out of a kayak (gracefully). I’ve seen two YAK-A-LAUNCHER™ on the river close to me and was so intrigued I finally bought one. It arrived on time and assembly instructions were easy to follow and well thought out. The…
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The YAK-A-LAUNCHER™ is working great. I love it and have told many people about it, and I enjoy kayaking more than I could have imagined.