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Cheryl M.

I love my YAK-A-LAUNCHER™… It was very easy to put together and connect to dock… Our water level changes on occasion, so my husband and brother screwed two boards from dock to below the water line to keep the YAK-A-LAUNCHER™ from ducking under the dock. They also put some carpet on them to protect the…
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Ayers Creek Adventures

We have been using our YAK-A-LAUNCHER™ for 6 years and couldn’t be happier. The YAK-A-LAUNCHER™ has enabled us to introduce paddle sports to hundreds of individuals that otherwise may have never given it a try. We find the biggest fear of many of our customers is how to get in and out of the kayak.…
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Ray Clark

Al, What a fantastic package with illustrations and everything anyone would need to put the YAK-A-LAUNCHER™ in the water. To include bow and dock lines along with the hardware for the dock is incredible. Well done my friend. It is beautiful and went together so easy. Thank you so much for the assistance. Al you…
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Finally, attached are some pictures of my friend & neighbor, Charlie, using the YAK-A-LAUNCHER™ to easily get into a canoe. Charlie has two knee replacements and had given up canoeing/kayaking because of the difficulty getting in and out of them. Now, with the YAK-A-LAUNCHER™, he regularly boats on Trout Lake in Eustis, FL. Rod


Dear Al, Have been waiting to reply until I had some photos of me and my new YAK-A-LAUNCHER™ and a son to show me how to attach them in a message to you. You have built the most marvelous aid to launching for all the family who have tried it out and all love the…
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Well, I can’t believe how easy using the YAK-A-LAUNCHER™ was….very safe, very stable, I think its easier than getting in off of a concrete boat ramp…it was even a bit windy, but no troubles!! Tiny learning curve getting up onto it far enough when getting out of the water…but Bruce made me do a practice…
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Linda Bush

I live in a condominium on Lake Washington in Seattle. There are a number of residence in the community who enjoy kayaking. The YAK-A-LAUNCHER™ is a perfect answer for safely and quickly getting on and off the water. It is very sturdy, well made, and no moving parts to breakdown. Not only can I testify…
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