Testimonial Category: YAK-A-LAUNCHER

The Sail Shop

We have a kayak rental and tour service on Bald Head Island, NC where we have been using our YAK-A-LAUNCHER™ for 7 years to help our customers get in and out of the kayaks. This launching device in particular fits our needs perfectly because it is light and portable enough to take out of the…
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Kelly M.

I do want to say how much I LOVE the YAK-A-LAUNCHER™!! I have used it several times already this week and I have used it 100% by myself with no issues at all!!! We actually took Drew out kayaking….which, since he doesn’t have good use of his right arm/hand means that Wade put him in…
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Jim T.

I want to thank you for your prompt and courteous service during our purchases, assemblies and installation of our YAK-A-LAUNCHER™ and Roll Aid. This equipment has made it easy for the initiated and our uninitiated guests to enter, exit and to store our kayaks. The system is well designed, highly functional and durable. Thank you…
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Al Privette, you are a genius! We got one dry spell yesterday, put the YAK-A-LAUNCHER™ together, and set off. I own the water!!! Thank you, thank you. It worked perfectly, both getting in and getting out. These old knees really appreciate that little boost from the hand rail above. What I really want to say…
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Phoebe Hood

Al, just want everyone to know how much I love my YAK-A-LAUNCHER™. I am 73 years old, with artificial shoulders and hips, so being able to go out on my kayak by myself without help is a blessing. It is the best money I have spent in a long time. I also have a Bed…
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Thanks Al! I’m happy with it! Smooth assembly, great quality, easy to use. My wife and I were delighted take our maiden voyages in our new kayaks from our new dock, thanks to our new YAK-A-LAUNCHER™. Adam


Wow! Thank you for the quick reply. You are so right about the YAK-A-LAUNCHER™ being portable, and when we pulled it out so easily I realized that the solution to my problem was to periodically pull the YAK-A-LAUNCHER™ out and clean it. It would take about ten minutes every three-four months. This YAK-A-LAUNCHER™ is a…
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Al, thanks so much! I am the primary user of this YAK-A-LAUNCHER™, which Steve gave me for my birthday last year, and I absolutely LOVE it. I am 56 years old and have serious back and neck issues, and I get in and out of my kayak with ease using this! I hope the business…
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The YAK-A-LAUNCHER™ is a big hit with all, even the younger set is impressed with it. Good work on the design, construction and delivery. Does everything it is supposed to do! Center Harbor docks should stock a couple of them. Thanks again. Lorin


Hi Al, I finally got back to the beach. Yesterday was a perfect day for a kayak ride after golf. I took a long ride, about four miles. I was able to launch and return using your YAK-A-LAUNCHER™ like a pro. It sure makes the process easier. Thanks again for all your help. Gary